Chandler RS124 EMI Tube Compressor (AES 2015 NYC Pt. 1) Updated

Chandler LTD has just announced their new RS124 tube compressor.   It is based on the EMI/Abbey Road RS124, which was never available to the public commercially.  It’s a ‘vari mu’ type compressor, but looks like they added a lot of features that allow it to be ultra flexible and multiple compressors in one box.    Street Price is $2875 and set to ship sometime in November.

From Chandler LTD’s press release:  “Chandler Limited founder and chief designer, Wade Goeke, offered insight into the development of the RS124, ‘Once under way, we quickly found each of the favorite historic RS124s at Abbey Road Studios had their own character and nuances… At that point we felt we had to include all of them under one hood; you’re not simply getting one RS124, you’re getting them all.’

The Chandler Limited RS124 not only harnesses multiple historic RS124s in one chassis (accessible via selectable serial number from the faceplate), it adds modern facilities not available on the original devices, including adjustable attack, switchable 200/600ohm impedance, and a special twist. Wade Goeke – “there’s a really exciting feature that we put into the compressor… The fuse on the front panel isn’t a fuse at all; it’s a switch!” Excitedly, Wade added- “when activated, it sets the compressor into another personality all together, like Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde…”

RS124 Compressor Technical Specifications


CIRCUIT: Tube (6BC8,6CG7, 6AL5)

Inputs: XLR (pin 2 hot)
Output: XLR (pin 2 hot)
Transformer balanced I/O (custom wound)

Input Control: Variable (stepped special order)
Output Attenuator: Variable (stepped special order)
Attack: Selectable, Stepped (9 settings, including 3 Abbey Road Historic serial numbers)
Recovery: Selectable, Stepped (6 settings, and HOLD)
SuperFuse (switchable mode)
Output Impedance: 200/600 ohms, switchable
Stereo linkable: Standard 1/4″ jack

Internal power supply

AVAILABLE OPTIONS (New Information added 11/14/15)

Stepped INPUT & OUTPUT controls and MATCHED PAIRS are by special order for an additional fee

  • STEPPED I/O ADD $250
  • STEPPED I/O + MATCHED PAIR ADD $350 per unit

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