IGS Audio SPRINGTIME Analog Reverb – NEW!

IGS Audio Springtime Reverb
IGS Audio Springtime Reverb

IGS Audio SPRINGTIME Analog studio reverb

Price: $2995 USD

Available at Atlas Pro Audio

The IGS Springtime is a 4-channel analog studio reverb built using pairs of springs. One short and one long pair. Every channel has separate wet and dry volume knobs. Also each channel has a 3 band EQ for the wet signal.
So smooth, so connecting, no artificial flavor. This is a real game changer!
What it does
It adds lovely warm color to the midrange. Without EQ, it sounds perfect. With EQ, you can add more definition if you need it. Makes the music sound more expensive, adds depth without losing detail.

Everyday use
Try stereo buss send for music tracks to channel 3&4 (long springs), mono vocal to channel 1 (short) plus any solo, mono instrument to channel 2 (short). Sometimes even individual instruments can be sent to both kinds of springs in parallel.
Sounds amazing on drums, guitars, piano, vocals, real orchestra, horns, busses, stems, full mixes.

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