500 Series Rack Enclosures | Atlas Pro Audio

500 Series Rack Enclosures | Atlas Pro Audio
500 Series Rack Enclosures | Atlas Pro Audio


We offer a wide variety of 500 Series Rack Enclosures at Atlas Pro Audio. There are many options available these days.

For those of you looking for an entry level rack that offers solid construction at an affordable price, the Fredenstein Bento line is ideal, starting with as small as a 2 space horizontal, then 6 space and 10 space vertical racks. Fredenstein also has a proprietary system, the Bento 6D and 10D have a LED view screen which is functional with several of the F Series 500 modules.

Empirical Labs also offers a 2 Space Horizontal Rack enclosure, but theirs includes a 1/4″ DI option built into the rack, making it extremely useful.

Heritage Audio offers a unique 4 space vertical enclosure (the OST-4), a 10 space rack (OST-10), and a 8 space rack that includes a 10 channel onboard mixer (the MCM-8).

The Mercury D Series G810 racks offers high end construction and power for those who need more power and isolation in their 500 series racks. Better stability to each module and lower noise.

Purple Audio offers the Sweet Ten rack, which is capable of special proprietary tasks in conjunction with the Purple Moiyn Mixer Module.  So if 500 series mixing capabilities appeal to you, then the Purple Audio offers a mixing solution in the 500 series format. Keep in mind that the Sweet Ten also functions are a regular 10 slot 500 series compatible rack.

Rupert Neve offers the R6, a 6 space rack, with a beefy internal supply with a multitude of connections, which can be ideal if working with DB-25. The R6 has 8 channels of balanced I/O options including DB-25, XLR and TRS that can be used interchangeably.  For the amount of connections on this rack, it is priced very reasonably.

Last but not least, the IGS Audio Panzer offers a well-built high end 10 space rack with external PSU.  It can provide enough power for modules that are exceptionally power hungry, like their tube based IGS ONE LA Compressor.  We highly recommend the Panzer rack for those who are using IGS Modules.

If you have questions about choosing a 500 series rack we’re here to help, visit our website at http://www.atlasproaudio.com



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