New! Heritage Audio 6 Space 500 Series Rack with Rack Ears – Under $500!

Introducing the NEW Heritage Audio OST-6! Each rack is supplied with rack ears!

Available now at Atlas Pro Audio for $499 with Free US Ground Shipping

The Heritage Audio OST-6 is a 500 Series Enclosure for up to 6 500 series modules from any manufacturer. Featuring “On Slot” technology, the OST-6 is able to deliver up to 1.8 Amp per rail, or a maximum of 400mA per rail per slot. Connections on the back are by means of gold plated XLRs.

On Slot Technology (OST ™) solves all the issues caused by sharing the enclosure by distributing power on a per-slot basis. Each slot has its own power supply linear regulator stages, Which isolate each slot from the others and Ensure each stays within the proper operating range. Each slot has red and green LEDs as power status of the modules can Easily be checked out. Whenever a faulty module begins to draw current in excess, its linear regulators switch off, leaving the rest of the slots unaffected.
The OST 6 boasts a RAF blue-gray heavy gauge steel chassis. The aluminum handle makes carrying the OST-6 from studio to studio a breeze, or for live work. Additionally, a pair of custom designed rack ears come included in the package. The user-friendly design makes assembling/disassembly insanely easy.


  • 6-slot powered rack for 500 series modules
  • On Slot Technology Regulates power to each slot Individually, isolating each slot
  • Power capacity of 400mA per slot or up to 1.8A across all slots, whichever is reached first
  • Provides peace of mind When mixing modules with different power requirements from different manufacturers
  • Over-current and thermal protection for each slot
  • Audio inputs and outputs on gold plated XLR connectors
  • British steel chassis
  • Rack ears included

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